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Sheryl Naomi Manning | Chief Executive Officer

Sheryl Naomi Manning, also known as Naomi Manning is a visionary leader who is dedicated to assisting and directing healthcare providers with the challenges of revenue cycle management.  ​Her journey to developing MD-PRAC started over 20 years ago when she was offered a position as a Patient Access Specialist. Twenty-two years later, her resume includes not only front office experience but supervisory and managerial experience within the healthcare industry.​In 2014, Naomi received her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. Naomi is also an Ambassador with the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce, a Notary Signing Agent, and a member of AAPC, ABMA, and MGMA.​


Throughout her years of working in the healthcare industry, she experienced some of the most disturbing behaviors. Some of these behaviors were and still are a hindrance in many private practices, preventing providers from being able to collect on their receivables, From the front desk not collecting all the fundamentals and correct data, which includes authorizations for services, to the billing department not having sufficient opportunity to follow up on claim rejections, denials, appeals, and collections, or not knowledgeable enough to understand how to work the account receivables. Billing and collections are no longer something one can do while trying to fill in time between scheduling appointments and rooming patients.


MDPRAC is designed to allow our providers to be at ease and have the flexibility to care for their patients.  Naomi's experiences have allowed her to put these downfalls in perspective and develop a system that will help our providers remain private and profitable giving them great fulfillment not only to run a successful practice but to also provide for the health and well-being of our community. Naomi believes the more efficiently our providers can operate, the more revenue they can make, the better quality of care they can provide to their patients.

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