MD-PRAC Revenue Cycle Managment

Your practice will thrive with streamlined billing and practice processes for improving revenue, rapid reimbursements, and reduction of denials.

The revenue cycle today as we all know is incredibly complex in our healthcare system dealing with multiple insurance carriers, different fee schedules, opportunities for practices to fail to receive payments for services, and an abundance of compliance regulations. Moreover, the required human resource knowledge, general business, and management skills make managing a medical or dental practice a demanding but exciting profession. Successful healthcare providers find great fulfillment not only in running a profitable practice but also by providing for the health and well-being of their patients.

MD-PRAC is not just another third-party medical billing company, we are a Revenue Cycle Firm committed to the success of our healthcare providers by meeting all of their revenue cycle needs.


We understand the challenges our healthcare providers face daily and this is why we decided it was time for them to receive help. With 25 years of experience, our specialized skilled revenue cycle professionals are client-focused, result-driven, and committed to the success of your practice.

MD-PRAC provides security by offering an array of highly personalized services to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs which will help to increase revenue. We have acquired the resources needed to carefully help balance our provider’s base.


"We work hard so our clients won't have to."

MD-PRAC believe the more efficiently our healthcare providers can operate, the more revenue they can generate, the better quality of care they can provide to their patients. Our goal is to improve healthcare one claim at a time and build a stronger community. 

"We pride ourselves on our values and professional ethics; our clients come first!"

MD-PRAC's mission is to serve our healthcare providers with pride, quality, confidence, and consistency.

MD-PRAC's vision is to change healthcare one claim at a time by providing healthcare providers with an efficient and effective solution to improving practice operations and patient care.

 “A practice will find its greatest potential for delivering high-quality care and maintain financial strength by identifying and implementing best practices.”