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MD-PRAC Billing & Practice Solutions

Your practice will thrive with streamlined billing and practice processes for increased revenue, quick turnaround on reimbursements, and a decrease in denials.

We are all aware of how complicated the revenue cycle is in the modern healthcare system, with several insurance carriers, various fee schedules, the potential for practices to not get paid for their services, and a plethora of compliance laws. Moreover, operating a medical or dental practice is a challenging but interesting vocation due to the knowledge of human resources, general business, and management abilities required. In addition to maintaining a successful practice, successful healthcare providers also find enormous joy in ensuring the health and well-being of their patients.

MD-PRAC is a revenue cycle firm dedicated to the success of our healthcare providers by attending to all of their revenue cycle needs. We are not simply another third-party medical billing company.


We decided it was time for our healthcare providers to get assistance because we are aware of the difficulties they confront every day. Our revenue cycle specialists have 25 years of expertise, and they are dedicated to the success of your practice. We are client-focused, result-driven, and skilled.

In order to increase productivity, save operational costs, and boost revenue, MD-PRAC offers a wide range of highly tailored services as part of its security provision. We now have the resources necessary to carefully balance the provider base.


"We work hard so our clients don't have to."

MD-PRAC believe the more productively our healthcare providers can operate, the more revenue they can generate, and the higher quality of care they can give to their patients. Our goal is to strengthen the community by enhancing healthcare one claim at a time.

"Our clients come first; We pride ourselves on our values and professional ethics!"

MD-PRAC's mission is to serve our healthcare providers with pride, quality, confidence, and consistency.

MD-PRAC's vision is to transform healthcare one claim at a time by giving medical professionals a practical way to enhance patient care and practice efficiency.

 “A practice will find its greatest potential for delivering high-quality care and maintain financial strength by identifying and implementing best practices.”

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