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From Appointment Setting to Collections, We'll take you there

Our Take5 Medical Business Survey is designed to help give you awareness of your practice's cost and challenges you may be experiencing with rejected or delayed claims due to improper handling of patient demographic information, coding, and/or inaccurate claims processing. 

will improve your bottom line!

Practice Medicine, not BUSINESS! Save needed time and maximize claim reimbursement by utilizing our third-party billing services. We will process claims, manage receivables, and provide precise reports with a graphic analysis of your practice.
Our team of professional and experienced revenue cycle experts is ready to HELP!

Work smarter with our effective collections services. Don't risk losing your unpaid receivables as write-offs due to a lack of follow-ups on your denials, rejections, and timely filings. We help you with your accounts receivables on a daily basis to prevent all unnecessary adjustments.
You will get paid! 

Are you frustrated with credentialing or just too busy to do it yourself? Every healthcare provider needs good credentials for success.  We handle the entire process for you. We have the experience and knowledge you need to get through the process with the least headache and amount of worry.

Stay connected with your patients through our Well-Care services. We manage your outreach program to help maintain communication with your patients. This service increases trust and loyalty and helps keep that connection with your patients through letters, emails, and postcards to remind patients of their check-ups, testing, immunizations...etc. We help you maintain a positive relationship with your patients that goes beyond their treatment.

Get a piece of mind! We perform a baseline checkup using at least 50 charts per provider selected randomly to check for anomalies and errors. We seek to identify any areas of overpayments as well as underpayments. We assess your coding to be sure it is not only proper but delivers to you the maximum reimbursement.

It is a great feeling to know you are Medicare compliant.