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Doctor's Desk

Medical Practice Solutions

From Appointment Setting to Reporting, We'll take you there!

MD-AnalysisPro, a practice analysis service designed to provide healthcare providers with valuable insights and actionable recommendations to optimize their operations and maximize financial performance through our "Take5" Survey.

Our team of experienced analysts will conduct a thorough assessment of your practice examining key areas such as revenue cycle management, coding and documentation, operational efficiency, and financial performance. 

                        Practice Medicine, not BUSINESS!
MD-BillPro is a medical billing service designed to optimize revenue collection. streamline billing processes, and enhance financial performance for healthcare providers. From claims submission to payment posting, we will ensure accurate and timely processing of medical claims, maximizing reimbursement and reducing denials.

Our team is well-versed in the complexities of medical billing, including coding, billing regulations, and payer requirements, ensuring compliance and minimizing billing errors.

                         Work smarter not HARDER!
MD-CollectMax is a specialized service designed to help healthcare providers maximize their revenue collections.

Our team will identify any coding errors, documentation deficiencies, or billing gaps that may be hindering your revenue collections and provide actionable recommendations to address these issues.

MD-CollectMax also offers comprehensive patient collection strategies by developing patient payment solutions, including patient education, transparent billing practices, and convenient payment options. 

MD-CredentialLink, a comprehensive and efficient physician credentialing service designated to simplify the complex process for healthcare providers. We understand the importance of accurate and timely credentialing to ensure seamless operations and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our specialized team of specialists will handle all aspects of physician credentialing on your behalf. We will meticulously gather, verify, and manage the necessary documentation and information to include education, training, licensure, certification, work history, and malpractice history ensuring a smooth and accurate credentialing process..  

                     Your Patients are Your Business!
MD-ConnectWell is a cutting-edge patient well-care service designed specifically for private practices. to enhance patient engagement, improve communication, and foster continuity of care.

Our comprehensive platform enables seamless connectivity between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring a personalized and collaborative approach to well-care. With ConnectWell you can revolutionize your practice by enhancing patient care, fostering engagement, and building long-lasting relationships. Stay connected to your patients like never before.

                                   Peace of Mind!

MD- AuditShield is a specialized service designed to provide private practices with comprehensive protection and support before and/or during medical audits. We understand the challenges and potential risks associated with audits, and our goal is to assist with the navigation through this complex process with confidence and peace of mind. 

Our team of auditors performs a baseline assessment to review documentation, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance with audit requirements and also seek to identify any areas of overpayments as well as underpayments. 

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